The Kids’ “My Wish for a Better World” Poetry Contest

Hello and welcome to the 2018 kids’ “My Wish for a Better World” poetry contest.

How to participate…
  1. Write a cool poem with your wish on how the world can be better for your family, your neighbors, your friends, our country….. our world. What can we all do to make this world a better and more loving place?
  2. Download and fill out the registration form on this page.
  3. Then send your poem and the registration form to us at…
    1. email to…..
    2. Fax it to….. 970-692-2423
    3. If you are a school with multiple entries, call us at 970-328-5855 when you have your poems ready. We may be able to come get them and save you some time sending them.
  4. Feel free to call us with any questions about the poetry contest at 970-328-5855.

Link below is for a printable PDF file….

BC Poetry Flyer 2018-Master – 1 Lite


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