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About us

Beaver Creek Kids

Celebrating another year of Performing!


Since the summer of 1987, the world famous Beaver Creek Children’s Theatre Company has been tickling the funny bones of families from Colorado to London, England. Our performances are a smorgasbord of theatrical delights for children of all ages. The shows include the animation of children’s poetry, fractured fairy tales and folktales from around the world. Stories include tales of dogs that think they’re human, insecure super heroes, crazy young inventors, bubbles that want to take over the world, The Green Hobgoblin and “The Amazing Adventures of the Robin Hood.” All our stories are brought to life in a fast moving, high energy and engaging way. No matter whether our guests are 3 or 83, they’ll be pulled right into the excitement.

Families have always found Beaver Creek Children’s Theatre Company to be a very special experience. There is a very special person behind the fun programs for kids in Beaver Creek and he’s been at it since 1987. If you see a group of laughing children being entertained by a man whose sparkling eyes hold the curiosity, excitement and playfulness of a five year old, wrapped with a few wise wrinkles and a few strands of grey on his tousled head, you will have found Brian Hall.

For information about our performances or for booking our children’s theatre company or storytellers: (970) 328-5855 or
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