2012 Beaver Creek Kids Holiday Poetry Contest

Our judges have read all the submissions and chosen the winners of the 2012 Beaver Creek Kids’ Holiday Poetry Contest. Thank you to all the kids that participated in the contest.

First Place

“Look Out The Window”

by Kate Stavisky, age 11, Vail Mountain School 

I look out the window at a blanket of snow,

It’s very pretty I’ll have you know.

It does’t take much to make the world this way,

Just remember, a little TLC can go a long way!


If we all work together to make our world nice and clean,

Garbage on the ground will no longer be seen.

And we can all enjoy the happiness that this season will bring,

So my wish to conclude… let the sleigh bells ring!

Second Place

“My Wish for a Better World”

by Addison Maurer, age 9, Edwards Elementary School 

When I think of all

the wishes I want,

I think of the most important one.

World Peace.

Everyday when I wake,

I hate to see a sad face.

I send my friend a sweet smile.

The send one back in a while.

I say to them,

World Peace is what we need,

We should help each other,

So then I went to help my Mother,

She said thank you.

World Peace is fun.

World Peace is hard.

It is important to give

World Peace.

Third Place

“Wish for World Peace”

by Harper Friel, age 9, Edwards Elementary School

Thank to all of our wonderful participants:

Ella Dunn, Riley Kromer, Hannah Nelson, Chloe Hornbostel, Cloe Rose, Josephine Trueblood, Andrew Overy, Sylas Snyder, Aaron Chaussignand, Jack Ganley, Bryce Johnson, Maria Macias, Dalia Paola, Haley Brewster, Stephanie Delgado, Stuart Howard and all the rest.

Thank you and have a Happy Holidays……..


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