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    Catch the Buckaroo Bonanza Bunch, "the Official Storytellers of Beaver Creek", on the mountain on select Sundays and Tuesdays throughout the 2016 - 2017 Winter Season.

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    Winter can be fun too! Winterfest brings the holidays to life!

    Winter can be incredibly fun also at Beaver Creek Resort. Each Christmas the resort comes alive with Winterfest, a wonderful 14 day festival to celebrate Christmas and all things wintry! Each day is filled with exciting entertainment, educational presentations and a kids' parade. And it's all hosted by our Winterfest cast of characters.

 Announcing the winners of the 2016 Kids’ Holiday Poetry Contest!

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 First Place – Dylan Berlin Dodds of Eagle, Colorado

Second Place – Shu Avery of Vail, Colorado

Third Place  – Erik Jaerbyn of Vail, Colorado

Honorable Mentions – Kate Henry, Sage Evens, Jake Stavisky

and Sofia VanFossen.

A special thank you to all the kids who took time to write their poems and share such amazing thoughts.

Our young poets…

Hailey Ehman, Sophia Van Fossan, Clara Goehring, Lela Goehring, Kyla Wolfe, Nathan Gregory, Angelina Damici, Dylan Dodds, Piper Sassi, Ava Garrison, Fischer Sassi, JuliannaMunoz, Yoselyn I. Pacheco, Kylie Kirkman, Benjamin Feldman, Ellie Shroll, Katrina Nicole Kovacik, Kate Henry, Javier Braun, Jake Stavisky, Tiki Jaffe, Gracie Johnson, Sarah Katherine Baumer, Ellie Drescher, Jackson Cohn, Jordan Marilyn Biggers, Lizzy Pratt, Diego Braun, Victoria Holmes, Sage Evens, Annabel Dorf, Isabella Gonzales, Lucca Jimenez, Henry Pratt, Anna Pratt, Camilla Braun, Christian Mills, Ryan Stockman, Jack Schwartz, Max Frank, Shu Avery, Claire Serbinski, Cindy Harrison, Trevor Donovan, Sadie Lilly Kessler, Lily Thomas, Ryder O’Connell, Erik Jaerbyn, Iker and Vazquez Gueccero.

* * * * *

My Christmas Wish for All this Year

By: Dylan Berlin Dodds

The magical time of the year has come,

The time to celebrate and laugh with some.

The time when the snow falls,

The time when the magic calls.

Snowball fights and snowman building, warm cocoa and

cookies by the fire.

Hanging the stockings and decor for the tree.

Playing outside until your toes go numb.

All of this is merry and good, but are we remembering

about all those we should?

The houses that Santa forgets to visit,

The little boys who always miss it.

The fathers without any jolly,

The little girls without a dolly.

The mother’s who have nothing to cook, let alone a single


The families that need your help, they never want to raise

a yelp.

My Christmas wish for all this year, is help all those who

have shed their tears.

It’s our job at Christmas time, to donate even just a dime.

We see them only here and there, just know that they are


Maybe we pass them on the street, but it’s always an

unpleasant greet.

We’ll look at the ground instead of at them, because we

feel we cannot help ’em.

However, I say to you, there is much more that you can do.

A simple smile, or even a glance their way, shows you care,

even if you have nothing to share.

So, I want to leave with you, that you can make a

difference too.

Spread the magic, spread the cheer.

Let there be non-existent fear.

Goodnight to moon, goodnight to sun.

Goodnight to all, goodnight to one.

Merry Christmas.


 * * * * * * * * *


Beaver Creek Children’s Theatre is celebrating their 30th year of giggles, grins and theatrical mayhem in 2016!